We at »Information in motion«, are working together with a growing number of independent, creative minds and specialists in their field. Here is the core-team:
Esther Gonstalla aka "the night shift" is the founder of »information in motion«, a graphic and animation designer specialised in pictogramms, infographics and motion typography. 
Working freelance since 2008 for international clients such as NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, facebook,CANON, and KWS. Esther is is working as a digital nomad based in Brunswick and Melbourne.
Line Wittemann aka "the day shift" is an illustrator and animation artist plus the cofounder of »information in motion«. Her various illustration styles include: sketched, cartoon, kids, technical and  realistic scientific drawings to name a few of her talents.
She has been working since 2009 for clients such as TOOM, but is aswell working as an illustration and art teacher in Münster, Germany.
Elias Emken works as speaker, musician and sound engineer in Berlin. In 2006 he founded „Baumstudio GbR“ together with Jan Kröger, creating audio productions and  acting as a record label. Since 2007 Emken is working for Oliver Rohrbecks »Lauscher-lounge« in Berlin as sound engineer and director for audio books and has realized around 200 productions. Since 2011 Emken is working regularly as a speaker for image films, publicity and audiobooks.
Lars Rühmann is a composer, sound engineer and sound designer living in Berlin. His work includes sound design for a commercial for the German ecological party's political campaign and music for several short films. As a sound engineer he is audio editing for by German games journalists Andre Peschke and Jochen Gebauer on a regular basis.

Thomas Dulovits is a professional speaker from Germany with lots of theatrical and empathetic talent and multiple voices. His clients include Müller Milch, REWE Group, Allianz Insurance,, and many others. About 10 years of experience on the radio, television, cinema, online, POS and trade fairs has shaped his voice.
Thomas creates an emotionally strong bond with your target group and make sure that your message is on the point. 
Rosella M. Vaughn is an artist and translator based out of Hamburg, Germany and Oslo, Norway. She studied fine art and earned herself a Bachelor's degree from the University of Hawaii at Hilo in 2016. Raised as a british-american in Germany and schooled in both Germany and the US she has a natives touch in both languages and has worked as a translator between the two for various publications, artistic and environmental projects for nearly a decade.