Get a detailed insight in how we work and create magic while using a
workflow that ensures both, clients' and team members' happiness.
First things first: a very important part is the data collection. During the briefing phase we'll collect all the 
necessary information: the goals, objectives and targeted audience plus discuss questions like: where do you want to show the film? What are the most important facts and figures? Which message do you want to communicate?
You're sending us your Corporate Design incl. colors, fonts, logo and we'll make you a film that fits perfectly into the visual communication needs of your company.
Now that we are starting off a solid base after the briefing, we'll offer you all the guidance you could possibly need. For example: which animation
style paired with which
illustrative technic fits best for delivering your message and your CI? 
Aswell the choice of music and speaker: we are working 
with a great sound-team that are going to give you input on that matter, to ensure a high quality and the best auditive match.
Story & Text
Now comes the work of the writer on the story. Either you already have a text ready to go or we'll find you a writer and are working on the text
together closely with the animator to ensure that the amount of text will fit into your timeframe and can be managed by the speaker aswell.
The work on the text is the most essential part: here the whole animation and the film gets defined: the length of each topic, acceleration or tension gets established.
Sound & Speaker
With the final text as a basis our illustrators start to digitally draw the storyboard. The sketched story is essential for planning the film and gives a first visual impression of the
concept and style of the film.
The sketch includes directions for the animation, perspective, point of view, illustration style and a rough timing.
After discussing and adapting the storyboard multiple times, we start to animate the first scene of the film as an example. 
If you are totally happy with its look and feel, timing and illustration, we're going to roughly animate the whole film through. This rough animation will be again subject to discussion. 
We are briefing the musician and sending him some sound examples which would fit your needs. Then the music is composed, the sound effects will be designed and the speaker voice is recorded. It will be professionally mixed and mastered to sound great on all electronic devices.
Next step: the animation artists are finetuning the animation,
making it smooth and flawless plus timing it exactly to the speakers voice after including
the sound to the film.
The whole progress might have taken around 3-4 weeks for a short film up to 5 minutes long.
Now we're providing you with the final film in HD and low resolution, eg. for you tube, f
acebook or vimeo in the file formats: mp4 and mov. And of cause, if you happen to need other file formats we're happy to send them to you too.
More questions?
Don't hesitate to write us a mail, we'll be replying in a jiffy and are happy to help out!